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YIPPPEEE!! Saturday was so fun. I was hanging out with Eyelessoddity }:3

hello -eyelessoddity

I’m gonna be mowing the lawn soonish. I wish i didn’t have to, I personally detest mowing lawns. But, yknow. not my house not my rules. bleh. }:P

I made a bunch of Kandi recently!

The Birthday Massacre! I loooooooooooooooooooooove that band sososososo much <3{ My favorite album is either Violet or Walking With Strangers.

Kandi Kid!! }X33


Y2K themed one. I’m not tooootally cool with how it turned out, but it’ll work for now till i can get better materials

Pronouns bracelet! he him <3{

These are all glow in the dark!

WIZARRRD! thank u heartofgold for the suggestion! its honestly one of my faves <3{

Wehehehehee also!! Panchiko!!

I just listened to the new album, its really good }:3 I deeefinately recommend it. Portraits is my fave song on there

On another note! I went to a coven ritual last night! We thanked dionysus by spiral dancing, and then we blessed a watering can and watered the garden with that! I got a new plant, a baby aloe vera }:3 his name is Charlie! I’ll show u nerdz a pic l8r lol

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