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One of the reasons I found myself annoyed with most social media is that it feels like all of them put an emphasis on bite-sized content. Twitter's character limit, Instagram is just short clips, YouTube pushing the shorts feature. I missed LiveJournal (which I know is still around, but bear with me) because it allowed me to get my thoughts out fully. 

Maybe that's what I'll be using this for.

I can't imagine that the platform is going to turn into the Next Big Thing of social media, at least not without losing a whole lot of its identity, but for the time being I think my primary usage here could be the blog feature. Some that I feel like making public, some just for me. Maybe a scratch pad for writing practice.

There's just something satisfying about having a little spot on the net where I can write my full thoughts out, rather than having to find ways to condense them. 

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