Ching Ching goes the money tree 

Every time it Chings money comes to me 
It all flows in so abundantly 
From the top left , right , & up under me 
Wave wave wave , I’m a money wave 
Money flow money flow money made 

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I saw this on tic tok and actually tried it, me and my husband were in a really bad tight spot with the end barely in reach.. we had to apply for rent relief thanks to covid and his lost hours then job and we're a couple months behind on rent.
About a month after this, our application finally got approved and not only for the amount we asked, but for a little extra! We were letting them know we were gonna be late this month as my husband just started his new job and was awaiting his first check and they let us know it's cool! That this month is now covered plus a little bit of next month!

Bro, we have a baby, and we were terrified as we didn't have anywhere to go if we got evicted! Bless this affirmation

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