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late blog - 6th may 2023

I'm tired af so I won't write an extensive blog post, cause I couldn't be bothered honestly. 

Im doing okay so far, both mentally and emotionally. I am going to make an eye doctor's appointment to finally see better. Also on Wednesday, I decided to go with an eyebrow piercing bc I don't NOT wanna get a piercing lol But anyways I hope it heals well and doesn't reject. 

Ive also been talking to a really nice guy for about a month and a half and he's quite lovely to talk to. We don't live that far from each other so there's a chance of us meeting up in the future and who knows maybe going on a date. Idk! Hopefully it goes well from now til whenever. 

Anywayz I'm tired and going to bed before my eyes explode. 
 Peace and Love 
- Alexx :)

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