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Do I have a mental illness because I’m starting to think so.

The list can go on about all the weird ass shit I see on a day to day basis so I’ll break it down for you.

Just for your information I’m not claiming that I have a mental illness but it’s all just weird to me.

I see shadow figures at night, I have gotten used to them over time but dark shadows appear everywhere. Something else super weird that’s hard to explain is where 3 times a year time and my perception will speed up but my body will slow down. And it’s fucking weird and makes me feel like I’m on drugs. I sometimes say words weird like swap letters around and get them confused all the time for example I was in my culinary class and I was saying that I was going to get the oregano but instead said the salt and kept saying salt when trying to correct myself. For long periods my eyes won’t focus and I space out for a while with out realizing it. I can’t tell when someone is nearby or and object is close to me. Letters and objects change shape when I stare at them for too long. I have involuntary body jerks at weird temperatures.

The list goes on honestly and I always question my sanity when it happens but at the same time I doubt I have something serious. I’m pretty sure that it because my brain is wired a lot differently than others because of my left handedness. At times I have questioned if I’m actually stupid appearing to be smart. I read words weird and don’t remember anything I don’t even remember my times tables to where I have to pull it up while doing algebra. I’m clumsy as hell I bump into everything and knock shit over all the time just ask (geonitro) sometimes I rewrite stuff I just wrote without even realizing it or say something I just said. I never want to self diagnose but I just want to know if there has ever been something wrong with me. (Again not that any mental illness is wrong or bad I’m just saying)

If any doctors or psychologists would like to tell me anything just comment it bellow. ;)

Sorry for the month long hiatus. Bye babes

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I'm no doctor but I relate to a lot of these symptoms and I'm autistic. But some of these sound like they could be stress as well, such as seeing shadows, forgetfulness, and jerking

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im not sure if its dyslexia or ptsd and hallucinations. have u expirenced anything traumatic when u were younger?

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Nah my childhood was pretty good for the most part.

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idk how to help u

by xXkf100Xx; ; Report

It’s ok

by ☆telemona_girl0; ; Report