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Wild Nights 2023

So, second furcon I've attended. Last weekend, got there Friday, 28/4 and left Sunday, 30/4. This one is pretty unique. It's like a mash between a traditional furcon with events and panels, and a weekend at camp. I never went to any camps as a kid, so I was pretty excited to experience a slice of the camper life. Adding to that, we were out in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma at Robber's Cave state park. The park was pretty decent actually for being so far from any major towns. We had all the facilities you'd expect, bathrooms, showers, kitchen and mess hall where breakfast, lunch, and dinner was served, and we weren't too far from the small town of Wilberton, where we picked up some snacks and forgotten toiletries Saturday morning. From that, I hesitate to call what we did 'camping', but I did spend two nights sleeping on a bunk in a rickety cabin and my cell service was extremely limited the entire weekend.

Everyone was pretty friendly. I was suprised at how many older furries there were. The average age of those attending must have been around like 35, which is pretty different from my first con experience where it seemed to mostly be people around my age. In total, there was probably about a hundred people and 9 or 10 cabins. I expected it to be cramped, but there were actually a not insignificant amount of people who were properly camped out in tents or brought campers, trailers, and RVs. The camping ground was kinda a big hill, with all the facilities and event spaces towards the bottom. I stayed in the biggest cabin at the top of the hill with maybe 15 other people, plenty of room for all of us and bunks to spare. There was a group of us that kinda hung around the whole time, me, my bofriend, two of their friends, and then a guy staying in our cabin we befriended along the way. I did spend quite a bit of time hanging out by the campfire towards the base of camp, just being around conversation and stuff. I was pretty social actually, suprised myself.

Anyway, picture dump

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Jon 🐇

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Wow! that sounds like such a positive experience! I kinda envy you youngsters, something like that wouldn't have been possible when I was your age. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! :D

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Could never be done without the older folks! The people who put this together are real OG furries. Was told a story about the clubs in my home town. My parents would have been younger than me at the time the story took place

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Can't keep a good furry down! :D

by Jon 🐇; ; Report