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obligatory about me post


name: kodi
nickname: pie, midway, scoop, star (bcus i use a lot of diff usernames)
age: dont worry bout that sweetheart.. 
pronouns: he/she/they + lots of neos 
birthday: june 23
siblings: twin bro, younger bro
straight/bi/gay: transfem lesbian 
job: does being in school count?


hair color: black
eye color: pitch black, but secretly light brown
height: 5'
ethnicity: blasian!
dye your hair: no lol
have bangs: nope! and glad i dont
have braces: yep
wear glasses: also yep
wear contacts: also nope
piercings: ear piercings 
tattoos: nope 


Color: royal purple and midnight green!
Movie: into the spiderverse and coraline 
TV show: arcane, girl from nowhere, mystreet (last one doesnt rlly count lol)
animal: cats!! and squid and greenland sharks
drink: water and hot chocolate
food: kimchi, chicken alfredo, yakuniku 
day of the week: wednesday?? and thursday
season: spring and fall
song: currently? still into u by paramore
sport: volleyball
teacher: my 3rd grade teacher and my 8th grade ela teacher!
subject: english and science 
holiday: lunar new year, halloween, and kawanzaa 
book: the curious case of the dog in the nighttime + nightmare academy + homestuck
magazine: egg magazine? its legit the only magazine ive read
flower:  sunflowers, forget me nots, nepetas 
memory: my lil bro coming back from the hospital while me and my friends were playing minecraft


person you hugged: my lil bro 
thing you said: "inspiration? yea.. not really"
thing you ate: does hot chocolate count? if not, it'd be pizza
texted: my best friend (lovecrafted on spacehey)
you called: my mom
called you: also, my mom
person you saw: my second best friend (doesnt have a spacehey lol)
you had a long conversation with: 2nd best friend, again


summer or winter: summer
cats or dogs: cats all the way
Pepsi or Coke: neither, i dont like soda
cell phone or Ipod: phone
ocean or pool: ocean all the way
black or white: i love them both <3
chocolate or vanilla: vanilla, in most cases
flowers or candy: as gifts? if so, i love both
rock or rap: rap my beloved <33 but i love rock too
TV or movie: movie
AIM or MySpace:  myspace
stars or hearts: STARSSS 
bracelets or necklaces: bracelets!
gold or silver: gold!
kisses or hugs: havent had furrst kiss so.. hugs!
pen or pencil: pencil FTW


smoked: no
failed a test: no
stayed home from school: yes
been to the mall: nope </3
bought a book: nope , every book i have someone gave me
been to a show/concert: nope twt 
yelled at someone: nope. im peaceful. im different /j
got into a fight/argument: nopearoonie 
cried to a friend: nope #tough
told the truth: yeah
lied: yeah


TV: yep
your own phone: mhm!
your own phone line: i dont have a home phone lol
VCR: no
DVD player: yep!
radio: mhm!
computer: pc + my laptop
posters: lots!
of what?: twice, fromis_9, marine biology, periodic table, random achievement things, girl from nowhere, anatomy 
pictures: yeparoonie
of who?: me lol


taken or single: single as fuck 
got a crush: nope!

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