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White xmas

It's dark outside. I should be sleeping, but the night is young and I am young as well. I haven't closed the blinds yet, I kinda prefer having them open. The windows are see through at night so I can look outside.

For some reason, I feel comfortable when I see outside at night. It's also very silent which I prefer very much over the day. It's not like I live in a crowded street, to be honest, it's much quieter here during the day as well. But I suppose, it's of people prefer being night owls.

I'm listening to Christmas music right now and well I do feel very Christmassy. The only thing missing is some wine and cheese cake. But I doubt I can have either since I stopped having sugar last month. It's going to be a dull Christmas...or is it? @_@

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thanks for these words ..

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Really like your writing style! Keep it up :)

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