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About me!! Important!!

Hey!! I do this to make a slightly more detailed introduction of myself! Since if i do it in the main page it would be too long...(and cause this is a excuse to use my new DNI banner, lol, its so cute).

As u may have reed before, Im Luka!,Ā im Autistic, im a Achillean Trans boy, Im a Selfshipper and a Non-human user

I use He/Him pronouns but i also use some neopronouns:


I usually have anxiety and panic attacks, im still trying to control myself but i would appreciate it if u didnt talk or name about topics that might trigger me (alcohol, drugs, religion)

Gore and Guro are my coping mechanism for some trauma and anxiety, really sorry if the blood on my profile makes u feel uncomfortable but it makes me feel better

Age regression is also my coping mechanism! I dont use babytalk in text but if u do, thats ok! but maybe i have troubles to understand (even cause english is not my first lenguage).

Traumacore is also my coping mechanism, maybe im gonna publish some traumacore pictures, poems or just some random text vent (always with a trigger warning!)

Im kinda introvert and really shy to talk to other users, if i add u but i dont send u message its cause i dont know how to start a conversation but im trying to be more social, i would appreciate if u send me message first! Also, i try to comment on bulletins or blogs.

Thank u so much for taking the time to read this!! I hope we can be good friends!!.

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