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My day :3 #2

Today i woke up at 6AM but not really i couldnt get up so i ended up rolling outta bed 640AM and my kitty Loki was being Evil and started jumping on my legs and wouldnt get off my pajama pants -^- and yada yada i go to school which today i didnt look that great because i ran out of clothes!! I need to do laundry so i just look like a boy :( than i ended up testing for 3 hours straight than spent the rest of classes 30 mins each its really stressful since its boring AND hard but luckily i got to steal empty passes to use :33 also i found out i only have 27 days left of school!! Yikes!! And i have to go to a summer program to get smarter -^- (not because im failing or anything like that) And then i asked a kid to wear glasses than he said exactly this “so you want me to close my eyes and wear this than youll kiss me” and he sat there with his lips out waiting!! I declined tho :P than after school i got a pedicure!! But it was really hard not to laugh since it was ticklish. Anyway thats was my day today was a 9/10!! 

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