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💜 Dead by Daylight [The Legion] - cosplay

I love playing Dead by Daylight and one of my favorite killers in the game is The Legion. The Extracurricular Susie skin was a perfect skin for me to cosplay as I already had blue hair and a skirt that was pretty much the exact same. This is what it looks like in the game ⬇


I was able to find similar shoes, hoodie and tights online, which I then painted and modified to get it to look dirty and worn, and I used transfer paper for the print on the hoodie. The hardest parts to make was the mask and ruler "knife". I made them out of eva foam and other materials such as paper fasteners and plastic needles lol. Overall it was a fairly cheap cosplay. I'm pretty happy with the final result, the mask could use some improvements though. I wore it for a con this February and I'll probably wear it again in the future. 🙂

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this is the most accurate cosplay ive seen

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Thank you! ^^

by ✦☽ Lumi ☾✦; ; Report


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I can't believe people haven't commented yet you did so good I would love to see how you made your knife prop and mask

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Thanks! ^^ I'm kinda bad at taking progress pics so I don't really have any of when I made the mask and knife sadly :(

by ✦☽ Lumi ☾✦; ; Report