I don't get Christianity at all :P

I grew up reading the bible and honestly I never really questioned my faith until like 3 years ago. And recently I've been thinking that it is so funny that people actually believe that an invisible man is in the sky "judging" us on what we do with our lives and what is morally "right or wrong". Then throw us into a place where we will burn forever if we don't follow the rules of a book from 2000 years ago but he still "loves" us. Don't get me wrong if that's something you believe in, good for you πŸ‘ it's just that the whole concept just doesn't make sense to me honestly. :I

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β˜½β›§β˜Ύπ”π”²π” π”¦π”£π”’π”―π”ž π”…π”žπ”­π”₯𝔬π”ͺπ”’π”±π”²π”°β˜½β›§β˜Ύ

β˜½β›§β˜Ύπ”π”²π” π”¦π”£π”’π”―π”ž π”…π”žπ”­π”₯𝔬π”ͺπ”’π”±π”²π”°β˜½β›§β˜Ύ's profile picture

Christianity makes absolutely no sense.

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eh makes more sense then satanism(unironic soyjak religion)

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It's not really confusing if you look at Christianity now adays, stuff is being added to the religion, and the message of the religion is being relayed in the most horrible way.
Now look at my religion, Islam, we believe that there is only 1 god and we worship no one else. I suggest if you read the English translation of the Qur'an, it may help you.

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Hmmm maybe I'll read it, thx

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I'm not a Christian, and I was raised loosely Catholic. There is only one thing anyone should learn from the bible: love thy neighbor.

You don't know people's lives, what they went through, what they're going through, and why they are the way they are. Everyone is deserving of empathy and kindness and understanding. We were ALL innocent once, and all of use have been traumatized and abused by the harsh realities this existence can give.

Just be kind. You can be mean in self defense, of course. But always, before all things, be kind first.

Everything else is mistranslated hear-say from abusive, controlling, misogynist relics.

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See I believe in God and Jesus, heaven and hell but I don't agree with very thing in Bible because some of it is really coocoo bananas

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Yes the bible is God's word, but people have also rewrote it and in recent years and used it to spread hate

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i agree. i dont understand how wearing certain kinds of socks is sinful (Deuteronomy 22:11) but sexism is okay (Ephesians 5:22–5, Timothy 2:12, Leviticus 15:20)

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Thank you, also I've notice that people will pick and choose what is a sin and completely ignore something like for example wearing certain socks as a sin.

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teeth milk

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I always thought that was strange as well. It seemed for a while that consciousness was the one question science didn't have a solid answer to but I figure that it probably works the same way as matter and energy. It can't be created or destroyed, only manipulated and rearranged so I figure that when we die, our souls just kind of dissipate back into a big mass of consciousness that'll combine to create a new one when another person is born.

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