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#2: A Day's Solitude.

Yi Sang's inspired stumps: Entry #2.

At the crack of dawn you crawl

under my blankets and into my bed

To embrace me in the sunlight

Of yet another solemn day.

By noon you lie restful on my lounge

My relentless, winsome muse

So that you could watch me dearly

As I painted a portrait of you.

Tea time comes and you sit parallel

To me in that empty seat at our table

Where you idly stir your cold black tea

And in silence we sat still.

The sun sets; a vibrant orange horizon

Illuminates you face as you wipe

Away the tears on my cheek, although

Such tears were your doing.

In the midst of night you lay beside me 

Quietly in bed with that whimsical smile

As the new moon sits in the sky, 

with all her stars on us.

I am content, dearest solitude, for 

if nothing in this world were to pay me mind,

You will be beside me laughing joyously

With that hollow, distant voice.


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