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I'm still sick

I feel pretty terrible. My stomach feels like if someone ran over it with a tractor. I was extremely weak yesterday, and I started taking something my doctor gave me to help calm down the acid in my stomach since it's just burning me. 

Despite that, I was still trying to go about my day yesterday and today. I feel slightly better today compared to yesterday. I'm supposed to fly tomorrow but I highly doubt it will happen because it's supposed to rain in the morning. But I guess we'll see. 

All I know is, I haven't been sick like this in several months. I almost wonder if this is a stomach bug, because I felt like I had the flu yesterday. My entire body was heavy and weak. Who knows. I'm doing my best not to overdo it, but I also don't want to just lay around either. 

I tried doing a few push-ups, some running in place, and squats. I felt fine. It seems like it's worse in the morning and at night. 

...I'm kinda struggling to type or think right now. I'm just gonna rest.

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