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New book is available!

My new book The Hundreds: A collection of 100 word stories (you can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited, otherwise it's about three bucks) is available now.

I've been writing 100 word stories since August 2022 and have collected 25 of them into this book. There's horror, everyday stuff, and some sci-fi. Below are the first three stories, which are available as part of the free sample.


“I need a hero,” she said to no one in particular as she surveyed the growing crowd of zombies in the parking lot below.

Despite everyone telling her she should quit smoking, Sheila found it funny that it was her sneaking up to the roof for a quick cigarette that kept her from the carnage below. She’d heard screams and thought it was a shooter so she pulled the brick holding the door and hid behind the HVAC unit. Two days she’s been up there.

How long can somebody survive without water? she wondered to herself. “I need a hero!”



Dave roared with laughter. How could anyone fart so loud it woke them up? Of course, it was a movie and someone had written the line to be funny.

Eight years later, while Iz was out of town, Dave woke to a loud noise. He was too groggy to get out of bed and look for the source, but hoped that if it was an intruder, they’d make it quick. As he closed his eyes again, it hit him. The smell of a dumpster in the hot sun, with notes of rice and... cocoa? Fuck. He had farted himself awake.



"... id est laborum," Cheryl said in her deepest possible voice, before stifling a cough.

She looked around her altar - in reality the top of her dresser with a picture of her ex-boyfriend smeared with a blend of garlic and anchovies, as well as various candles, including the one scented like a bouquet of roses contributing to her current need to cough - and noted the flames seemed to burn brighter. With any luck, that two-timing bastard would smell so bad that no one would ever want to get within ten feet of him - including her no good, man-stealing, former best friend.


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Oh my gosh I love these! What a great way to get yourself writing. The 100 word cap has to really help to make you write using as many descriptive words and phrases as possible. I think I prefer short stories over novels for that reason.

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Thank you, glad to hear it!

Yeah, it has been an interesting exercise. Prior to that my writing came in spurts with long periods of not writing at all. And while not all of my 100 word entries are this good, overall this practice has lead to me writing more fiction in general across multiple longer pieces and the 100 word stories themselves.

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