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my mcr 2005 spin mag!

this is one of my favorite things i own! i bought it on ebay about 2 years ago from outbidding someone at the last minute. this is one of their most iconic magazine covers (if not their most iconic) and is the one that is referenced in that radio interview when the guy asked how gerard got them on the cover of spin magazine and gerard says he's "good at the rodeo" and "riding the mechanical bull". here's some pictures that i took of my copy!

the cover

the date + the original price ($3.99!!)

the mcr article! there are multiple mag scans of this scattered around the internet so if you want to read this article in hq you can search for it!

of course i had to include this page from the mag with the used

my copy still has the inserts that you could tear out and mail! (the 2nd pic is so low quality arghhh you can blame flickr)

and finally the back which is an ipod ad

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claire ☆

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im so jealous

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holy shit THIS IS SO FUCKING SICKK im obsessed with this photoshoot omg

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Honestly, I would never stop bragging if I had that! And I do believe that it is the most iconic MCR Magazine.

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RAHHHHH i love the "they came from outer jersey" photoshoot soooo fucking much, the colors are so nice to look at and i love love love the comic book aesthetic

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joshua black

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this is so fucking cool! id definitely have some of these prints on my wall if i could find some D:

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