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Something is wrong

I'm probably just stressed out or something. I woke up this morning with my stomach burning. It was hurting last night too, but not like this. I have really bad acid reflux, and it's like a stabbing pain in my stomach and back. 

Since yesterday I've been feeling ridiculously stressed out and anxious. I haven't felt anxiety in.... Months. To be fair, the news from the FAA might have triggered this in me. I feel annoyed about it, but I have a feeling I'm subconsciously burying a lot more emotion in regards to it. 

Not only that, this weird weather of being overcast and then super hot and then rainy and then hot again - has made me lose a lot of flights. I'm so antsy to just get back up there. I haven't flown since the helicopter flight which was a long time ago. 

This morning, I suddenly felt like I wanted to cry out of nowhere. It was really strange. I'd say I cry about 5 times a year, and those are good long painful cries. Not counting when a good movie or game ends and makes me tear up. So all of a sudden this morning, I just.... Felt like crying. I didn't, though. 

Maybe it's just everything coming down on me at once. Stress from the FAA, anticipation from the Civil Air Patrol, antsiness from not being able to fly, stress from university, this hot weather, my sleep schedule being kind of all over the place. 

I dunno, man.... I'm sure that this will pass and I will be back to normal as soon as I can fly again.

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