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Hi Im wyatt (intro)

Hi im Wyatt!! Im seventeen years old, queer, born n' raised in Southern California. Im moving to Oregon pretty soon. This is probably the place where Im gonna write about my life and the things and people goin' on in it.

taken in early 2022

So glad to find a place like this. I love older internet aesthetics & philosophy, like this feels way more communal and healthy compared to algorithmic social media sites nowadays. I am into y2k, frutiger aero, and indie sleaze aesthetics not just for the nostalgic look, but also because I really do think we lost a lot of good things from the switch to web 3.0. Ive been trying to go back to more traditional internet use, like spacehey, neocities, and tumblr.

Recently ive been watching more movies than usual. I saw Requiem for a Dream with my online friends recently and that has changed my lyfeeee. Might rewatch Ferris Bueller's Day Off soon bc that was also rly good. I've been listening to a lot of music recently (here's my current monthly playlist on spotify), mostly James Ivy and Stereolab and SZA and Four Tet. I'm actually going to a Four Tet concert next week, suuuuper excited bc he's one of my all-time favs.

Im kind of a nerd and I love talking abt music or whatever, so feel free to reach out. Also talk to me if yr from oregon, I wanna find more oregonian friends lol. Anyways this was just my intro but ill probably be posting more often here (like probably tmrw bc i wanna blog about prom, which im going to tonight)!! Cy'all around.

taken in April 2023

Love always,

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