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MCU fanboys (Derogatory)

Just want to go on a little rant of how some MCU fanboys are and why they make me want to rip out my hair

So kinda got introduced to them with She-Hulk & Ms Marvel which I don't mind if you dislike some shows or there some demographics you just dont vibe with but it had me twitching a bit when they turned around and sexualize every damn love interest even if there like 16-17 and it just.. makes me mad??? Like you hate it when their the lead and you say " It's a Horrible Movie" even when the damn full on trailer isn't out yet but when its the love interest who has almost 0 character growth you then say "Even Thanos cant stop me" even if their in like highschool

Not targeting anyone but slightly irritating when you get to be seen on tv and fanboys dunk on it because it's now the first time they aren't reped as the lead

Just wanted thoughts to be heard I think I'll be in a better after Guardians of the Galaxy Movie  Marathon :P

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