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Blinkies Hoard

Moved it to blog posts as I decided I'd rather have them here than my main profile!

For blinkies I've made, see here:

selfshipperval x withnail is canonanti harassment
I am a whoreWhere am I?delusionalold man yaoi enthusiast
I love catsdivorced and loving itcatgenderlovegender
strawberry milkcat parentdestined to be an old lady with lots of catsgirlwreck
sleepyheadthe cat lets me live herei'm at my fucking limithehe just kitten!bitch pissi want cakeliving dead girli'm a cat person
i love strawberry milkblog sweet blogi love roseshigh like the withnailval x withnail is canonyou are a beautiful person, i love youi love my wifehenry x val is canon
henry my belovedboobstrawberry milk

I love evil old menvillain f/oevil is sexyF/O partners in crime
I eat pretty boyspenis deliriousUndeadevil autism
I love men's titsautistic swaggay and gothI started at the bottom and I kind of like it here
The Mountain Goatssemi slutI love catsreality is where bad things happen
she who must be obeyedfuck youeldritchbrainfogged
hatefully yoursutterly putridundying hateyou say rats like its a bad thing
18+ onlytattoos are hotyou're dead!skeleton
autism 4 autismdisabled and gothsupervillainInternet love
horrid thingautistichorrifyinghorror
very lovelyplague doctora ghost?eyes
macabrei bite hardi blink therefore i ami love my camera
homocide is the answerdespite everything... its still youmy back hurtsi love revenge
i may be a cruel and nasty bitch but im damn good at itrats rats ratsgod bless the freakslike the legend of the penis
two trucks having sexcall me a bitch again and i'll pee on your legi love ratsgive me bloodsend me your teethschizo gang rise upvictims, aren't we all?i dont carei love horror moviessunn O)))i love my villain f/ovillain fuckerhenrys wifehenrys wife

the block button is freedigital lovemeowtismClick to explode instantly
let's take ibuprofen togetherI / me / myselfyippiecannibalism
detranswe've gone on holiday by mistake!Mitskiaddicted to cheese
DeathBlack SabbathSure. Fine. Whatever.slave to the cat
the more you complain, the longer God let's you livecertified cat lovercatnippers anonymousI want my cats life
in a cats eyes, all things belong to cats4 out of 5 voices in my head say go back to bedreality ruined my planshousewife from hell
freaks and geeks forevermy imaginary friend thinks you have mental problemsLilo and Stitchlightly toasted
go kinky get a blinkieBuffy the Vampire SlayerBram Stoker's Draculathis too shall pass
black Sabbathcleverly disguised as a responsible adultmy reality check just bouncedghostgender
I love my mobility aidfeeling fruity?gendervoidchronic fatigue
disabled hottietake your medsI often dissociateboiling hatredhostile thingmilk drinkerliving with chronic painmy body, my canvas
my darlingI found love onlineUndead loversnightmare
fibromyalgiachronically illprone to delusionsprone to psychosis
disabled and metalleather and latexgothic loveleather lover
gross and nastyphotographeryep still sickliving corpse
its chronicneurodiverseschizophrenicstrange creature
future ghostcosmic horrorparanormalI love loud music
cane userparasitebiohazardouspsychotic
chronic painill and disabledcatgenderfibromyalgia
undeadan abominationi love my partnerclutter queen, collector of everything
certifiable crazy cat ladycensorship kills creativityi am cat furniturei will survive
i think i can!real life ghostnight personand I should care because?
powered by stressreality is the leading cause of stressi'm a scorpioI just want revenge, is that so wrong?
love is supposed to wear your  fur out a littlemisery love smeif i could get a firm grip on reality, i'd choke it!have you hugged a rat today?catgirl rights!i love endermeni eat paper and gluetummy hurtytummy hurtyi bitch therefore i amda blinkiei am still angry
artisti'm no longer a danger to societyevil wicked mean and nastyanti godheavily medicated for your safetymother fuckerblack, the colour of lifeare you unhappy?
detrans solidarityelectric wizardwe've gone on holiday by mistake!bi pridemen want me, women want me, i dont fishdemiromantic prideoh worm?legalise marijuanafuck cringe culturei love crimes of passion

divorcedgot a problem with me? call 1-800 up yours

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