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Freddy face the Siperation

Dear all beloved readers,

Fredy wake up, a Yet another day in Pizeria.

It been hard for Freddy, he did a Silly thing not many Robot do; become a Studyer.

First Year, Okay Freddy know what he doing - Picked Electronic Course.

When confused, Just open up chest And take a Look.

Second Year, okay, Freddy sometimes Get confused What's Ohm, So Close Eyes and Imagine the Electrons;

Third Year, Freddy get Scattered, hard to Trap Nightguard and do Assignmence All the same Time;

Yet, here Freddy is

Click and tap on Computer Mouse for a while. Need to see Wire Diagrams, and Chuckle when Seeing it,

Like When the Human see Its own Heart, Freddy sometimes See His own Heart in a Collection of Lines

Thank you all for reading and much love, Dr Freddy Faxbear

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Freddy have a dream where he Sawed Bonnie in Half, and Bonnie was screaming, Screaming, Screaming, Screaming, Then Freddy turn around and Sawed Freddy in Half, and Freddy was screaming, Laughing, Laughing, Laughing

Thank you for reading and much love,
Dr Freddy Faxbear, PhD in Robotic Dream

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