pics of new hair n bday haul n rabbit

my hair is blue!!!! also look at all the cute stuff from my birthday hehe i bought some of it for myself. apparently there are bunny diseasels going around in the outdoors bunnies so i got a pair of shoes for inside only so my little bunny doesnt get sick with it :,( anyway her name is mibs and shes been attacking my feet lately for attention 

okay im actually dying today so goodbye - wish me well

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I want a pet bunny so badly

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do it!!! they are such sweet little things :3

by whatremainsofalthea; ; Report

I have a lot of anxiety though I don’t know how good of a rabbit owner I’d be

by LuXLove; ; Report

i actually got my bunny to help with my anxiety hehe i pet her when i get really upset and it calms me down and she follows me everywhere i go in the morning when i get ready too :,)

i would love to help you research if you think you might want one <3

by whatremainsofalthea; ; Report

Help with research would be appreciated ♡ I’m subscribed to The Bunny Lady’s channel and newsletter currently but I’d love to find more resources.

My dream rabbit is either a dwarf hotot or a standard chinchilla rabbit but I’d take any tbh 🥹

My main worry is that rabbits seem so fragile. I have OCD I feel like I’d have constant intrusive thoughts about something bad happening I guess. I don’t think I’d be able to leave my rabbit alone lol

by LuXLove; ; Report

im gonna dm you :)

by whatremainsofalthea; ; Report