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april life update yahoooo

ok ok ok ok ok hi
my brain has been shittin its pantz this week no clue why but it is happenin


later in march we had a concert w one of the other choir programs in our district
were hoping to do this every year w all the highschool choirs so im excited for that senior year
i cant take choir next year bc i have one less elective and i WILL die if i dont take art (the other one is spanish cause i need two language credz to graduate </3)

a couple of my friendz had a joint bday party last weekend and it was super super fun
We went swimming and stayed the night at ones house and went to the fair on saturday
i got sunburned and almost had heat stroke but other than that it was based
we went on as many rides as possible, including but not limited to gforce, alien abduction, titan, scream machine, annnd endeavor
we also looked around in the shops n i got a cool tomi print/poster and a couple keychainz
i REALLLY wanted agua fresca n a churro but i was gonna vomit if i ate anythin so i couldnt get any <//333
my family might go this week so hopefully ill get something good then 

my belt chain got caught in the seat of one of the rides (ノ_<、)
n i broke it trying to pull myself out SOBS
but i did get the whole thing back, so i just need to put it back together eventually so at least theres that

my choir final is on the 8th and im realy nervous cause its a solo at the concert
ive been doing well during practice tho
im gonna sing go the distance from hercules and aaaa i just really really hope i dont fuck up my notes from being nervous

we had a short story assignment in english and i really thought i did good and i got a fuckin 87 on it (눈_눈) n i keep fuckin up on tests in alg2 and i just UGHHHHHHHHHHHH i feel so fuckin incompetent 
i KNOW an 87 isnt that bad but im so used to getting higher than that on like!!! everything!!! 
idk it kinda feels like anytime i put actual effort into something it just ends up turning out shitty and im really upset over it

n e way art club is having an art show on the 17th, and i think a bake sale on the 8th? so im excited 4 those
when it comes to art and baking i prefer having just like,,, verbal praise instead of a high grade yk? its more subjective but i do like being told that i made something that looks/tastes good over having an objective thing placed on something thats also subjective

um ok thats all i can think of rn? but ill probz make another post if i remember anything

see yall l8r mothers fuckers and others n stay fresh cheesebags

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✮ Elias ✮ (AUTOPLAY!)

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also i wrote this instead of doing my physics work

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