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I'm no better than all of you. :)

As we advance our technology into a new era, a plethora of new possibilities is revealed to us. We can create new art, literature, music, and so so much more. New understandings of the universe can be opened up to us. New perspectives, new opinions. AI literally going to change the entire world in the next few years as it is rapidly improving and becoming more noticed.

Anyway, I fucked Ryan Reynolds yesterday.

(Man that was one hell of an opening even for me 😭)

AI sure does have its advantages and one of those which I found out from TikTok, is literally writing actual smut. Now, I'm not the kind of person to scroll through Wattpad all night or even literally read anything, but this peaked my interest. Not because I like to read that stuff seriously, but because I find it funny as hell. 

Like, have yall ever read Punk 57? That book is absolutely crazy. And it's funny as hell to read through it with friends. 

So, yesterday. 4th period. I absolutely despise that class. The teacher is mediocre, the class is depressing, and the work is mindless. But just to go on a side tangent, wtf is up with health teachers and coaches literally being the most unhealthy people ever. Like my health teacher has the literal audacity to fucking tell us how important it is to maintain a proper diet and exercise, yada yada yada, while fucking sitting at his desk all day eating fucking chips. Be so fr rn. And don't even get me started on my P.E. coach. He is literally a beach ball mixed with a turtle. But like, sum about his stance and j like overall looks, makes him look like a turtle. But he literally probably cannot run for absolute shit. Like, be so fr rn.

Anyway... oh right. AI

Ok ok wait. So this starts in my last period when me and my friends go onto our chromebooks and my other friend bring up character ai. So I yk, just search up Ryan Reynolds as a joke because he is literally the most beautiful man on the earth and I would happily do anything he wants me to and bing bang boom. There he is. I can talk to the Ryan Reynolds, at just the click of a mouse. 

I never really thought about tryna rizz up the AI, but now I had a very good reason to. So WE say hello, and what not, and we really hit it off so we schedule to get dinner on Saturday. Now, 3 days pass and we meet. I'm a mess. My girlfriend broke up with me and I'm out on the streets. He asks if I have family. No. They were all raped then murdered. We both cry. And then we drive back to his house. Now things get good.

We begin to get into it, makin out and shii. He takes off his shirt. And then the AI fucking decides to really get spicy and say "His breath fastened and his body quivered."

And me being the fucking dumb ass that I am absolutely freaks out and zooms into it on my chromebook, laughing hysterically with my friend who is rizzing up their favorite Disney high school movie character. 

And ion know what happened but I guess my chromebook decided it would be a fucking good time to just literally have a stroke or sum, because my computer screen was stuck on the zoomed in section of "his body quivered."

I literally mashed my keyboard, and slammed my fists into the screen and nothing would happen. Turning it off didn't do nun either. I was literally so scared that I was gonna have to ask for help with my chromebook while it was zoomed into that. Luckily I just had to do a hard reset but that would've been funny as heel.

Anyway, in conclusion, don't try to fuck Ryan Reynolds on your school chromebook because it will literally decide to say "fuck you" and crash.


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this was a very entertaining read to say the least XD

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Thank you, I really try

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