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The evolution of my art style (2022-2023)

Since last year I'm thinking about making a horror RPG game. The idea for the game just came out of nowhere while I was watching one of my favorite horror streamers.

Then I drew inspiration from other "older" games (like Yandere Simulator, Mad Father, Misao) and recent indie games.

The progress I had in my artstyle and in the vision I have of RYO (the protagonist of my little game) is incredible.

I hope that during vacations I can advance in the development of my game "Sweet Tooth".I forgot to write it in the American way lol. (September 22, 2022 - April 4, 2023)

* Sorry, I forgot to wrote this en the American way -- (09/22/22 - 04/04/2023)

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pretty cool
she got burnt in the last year?

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Nah, worse. Her body has a lot of holes that, well, makes his skin fall off.

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huh, interesting

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