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abt me !!!

✮ hiii im seras !!

     ✮ my pronouns r she/they but they/them is  fine

✮ ill be friends with almost anybody and im very active on discord so if ur interested in being friends pls send me a req <33

things i love :

- cats

- pjsekai!!

- alchemy

- hello kitty 

- vocaloid (i love luka)

- tomodachi life

- reality shifting

- marine animals 

- learning abt islamic culture

- arab nd asian music! 

- anything related to gyaru

- found footage horror (im obsessed)

- learning abt other languages

- greek & roman mythology

- dabbe (movie series)

- kaomojis nd other cute things

- literally anything related to christianity

- beetles, worms, snakes, & other creepy things

- ergo proxy (pls bmf if u like ergo proxy omg)

 things i dislike :

- old ppl 

- babies

- small dogs

- onions

- ppl who misuse tone tags or aave

- weird chronically online ppl

- THOSE south park fans

clicking, crunching, and the sound of ppl smacking

mlm fetishizers , wlw fetishizers..

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+. kasper/dood

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omg another reality shifter???

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yes!! :3

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wow, I've never met someone who had also seen Ergo Proxy or Hellsing !!
you seem really cool (and the people smacking thing is so real)

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omg im sorry 4 taking so long to respond to this tysm!!!

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hii ive been looking 4 ergo proxy fans im obsessed w it rn ive made my layout ergo proxy inspired \(^ヮ^)/

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omg ur layout is so cute !! ur like the only person i’ve seen with one :3

by seras; ; Report

thank uu urs is very cool too!!

by Re-L; ; Report

Esther ✦

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omg, gyaru, tomodachi life, project sekai, luka!! you're so cool!! ><

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u are 2 tysmmm !! 💗

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