About me but in quiz/question form

149 questions (stolen from idk who) part 1

name: Alexia

nickname(s): Lexi, Smiley, Psycho, Medusa

birthday: January 1st

height: 5'3

hair: currently dark red

eyes: brown

any piercings?: used to

tattoos?: no

Any siblings?: yes (2)

What do you like to wear?: black clothes


book?: Scythe series

color?: Hot pink

movie?: Elektra

celebrity?: idk

place?: Art museums

food?: soup

dessert?: red velvet cake

alcoholic drink?: champagne (i like the bubbles)

non-alcoholic drink?: green monster

day of the week?: saturday

number?: 1

month?: no opinion

city?: idk

country?: not usa

animal?: foxes

time of the day?: idk

smell?: lemon

tv channel: idk

song at the moment?: Untrust Us by Crystal Castle

friend?: all


place to be?: school

time of the day?: midday

day of the week?: wednesday

song/music gender?: country

animal to you?: wasp

drink?: any green smoothie

food?: tuna

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You n my sis share the same bday!!

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Cool =D

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