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does anybody know how to add blinkies ive downloaded on the page?

i know you should code it and things like that but recently ive been downloading a lot of blinkies and idk how to add them??? i tried to copy them so they could fit in the coding but it doesnt work 
:( i tried google images too so i could find their original links but that also didnt work. idk what to do theyre sooo cute but idk how to add them :'3

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find an image hoster (or send it in discord and copy the media link) and put the link into the code and it should work!!

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Thank you!!! You know how i can find a media hoster where i can put them? Idk where i could put them on discord withhout messaging someone

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you can dm a bot on discord or use a free image hoster, I cant link/ recommend any because I don't use them but google may be able too!!! hope this helps :3

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thank you so so so much!!!

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