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pointless lists bc my memory is deteriorating part 1

list of video games i have played (the ones i feel are significant, anyway) 

  • pokemon snap;

    good game, i don't remember much but i remember this pokemon game made me like pokemon

  • pokemon stadium
  • pokemon colosseum - completed;

    fuck this game

  • pokemon XD - completed
  • pokemon crystal;

    first pokemon adventure game

  • pokemon leaf green;

    boring i hate the begining regions

  • pokemon saphire- completed;

    hoenn is superior

  • pokemon pearl-completed;

    best pokemon version ever hands down (i mean its mostly nostalgia)

  • pokemon white
  • pokemon Y-completed;


  • pokemon alpha saphire -completed;

    also top tier 

  • pokemon moon;

    this guy in london that i was talking to on twitter bought it for me??

  • LOZ: ocarina of time-completed
  • LOZ: twilight princess-completed
  • LOZ: Wind waker-completed
  • LOZ: phantom hourglass-completed

    f tier 

  • LOZ: breath of the wild-completed

    god tier

  • glover;

    cursed game

  • donkey kong 64

    oooooo banana
  • super mario 64
  • super mario sunshine 
  • super smash bros
  • super smash bros melee 
  • super smash bros ultimate 
  • paper Mario: the thousand-year door -completed
  • luigi's mansion- completed


  • pikmin-

    couldn't finish this game because i cried every time a pikmin died 

  • Kirby nightmare in dreamland
  • yoshi's island Ds
  • sonic riders-completed


  • shadow the hedgehog- completed
  • sonic adventures
  • Simpsons hit and run
  • tony hawk pro-skater -completed
  • GTAV -completed
  • GTAIV-completed
  • red dead redemption
  • Mass Effect 2, 3 - completed
  • elder-scrolls Skyrim - completed
  • final fantasy xv
  • Minecraft
  • star-dew valley
  • animal crossing 

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