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my cringe css megablog

This is very unfinished, and im only posting it now to not accidentally lose it :/

Intro + Warnings

Hi, im Aelita. I knew how to work my computer and the internet before I knew how to write, talk, or even walk. I'm a prototype ipad baby, except my ipad was windows 98. Am i good at computer stuff? Absolutely not, but I am passionate, especially around making websites and messing around with CSS..! So i wanted 2 make this as like.... a place to hold my resources and tips for easy access specifically for me while also having other people able to access it if they want!


Take everything I say with a grain of salt, i am completely self taught and constantly have issues working with css. I'm not a master, and it is 100% garunteed there are mistakes in here!

This guide assumes you are on a computer, it also assumes you are using a chromium based browser [i use vivaldi specifically] [I will still address issues regarding compatibility!]. Skewing of advice is 100% possible.

[edit]: switched over to firefox, browser specific code will be marked as such. ^^. i wont touch on edge, i just refuse 2 actually use it sorry.

HTML Cheatsheet

wip, sorry!

CSS Cheatsheet

wip, sorry!



  Where I mainly write out my code and test it. [Spacehey does NOT have a clean CSS slate, keep this in mind, esp with default css and class names]

W3Schools [CSS]

  Everyone's favorite xx, if i ever forget css terms & stuff i immediately go here


  Good if you are having trouble trying 2 get smth finicky 2 work, i dont suggest asking questions though, just pray some poor innocent 13 yr old asked first and got chewed up by the redditor mob. 


Specific CSS:
CSS Gradient

   Idk what 2 tell u! CSS gradient maker.

CSS-Tricks | A Complete Guide to Flexbox

    What i use for messing around w flex stuff. CSS-Tricks is in general a good website but i esp use it for Flexboxing

Backgrounds Archive

    Old backgrounds! esp tiles!


    Sprites, blinkies, stamps, dividers, etc etc... what i mainly use!!


    Self explanatory, make ur own blinkies!

Spacehey Specific

wip, sorry!

Frequently Asked Questions

wip, sorry!

My Codes

- ill have my ab me code here eventually!! i just need 2 tidy it up a lot.

- maybe some layout codes in the future??

- maybe neocities but im against it cus like,,,, u need 2 experience the website making experience of crying and breaking down and screaming why god why cus u unknowingly have a comment open but ur so focused on this part of the css that uve been having a little trouble in that u dont even realize that it isnt the issue rn.

- if u say the full name of like, js it shoots lightning bolts and kills you. and deletes all the progress in ur blog. i was sooooo mad dude. i didnt even have anything in my blog w js i just spelled out the word augh. w/e. so yeah, no js. 

- currently working on my ummmm wikipedia layout thatd be fun to post here X0


5/12/23 - Theme applied, still super wip but ill fill these out later X/

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damn the layout of this blog alone looks sick. thanks for the masterlist

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this is so awesome!! I had no idea you could make blog posts this elaborate O_o

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thx! honestly the malleability of blogposts is very appreciated, im glad its so similar to just an empty page

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THE ▌ᴀᴛҠӀИԌ▐ OF SPACEHEY's profile picture the overall website is pretty handy and taught me a lot of cool stuff!

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omg ur right, i cant believe i forgot 2 add it LOL. U accidentally caught me editing this 2 for the first time in like weeks, weird coincidence LMAO

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ohhh my god im so dumb i did add it before HAHAHA srry, but yeah its a really good site, saved me countless times

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Ooh nice design!!

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I’ll be honest. I’d never hear of css until I joined SpaceHey and I’m still not entirely sure what it is… but I’m willing to learn!

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CSS is in a weird spot of easy to learn but hard to master, but i think that even only a little bit of css knowledge can still lead to really nice looking websites or elements! The good thing is that css is not really a "coding language" instead its more like setting a bunch of properties. I hope this blogpost can make css and website design less intimidating 4 people just getting into it cus ik how incomprehensible it can look w no context LOL.

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