one piece + flapjack crossover concept (long)

in a feverish half-drunken haze, me and my roommate deduced that the marvelous misadventures of flapjack could very feasibly take place in the one piece universe. it would be a very short arc, but it's very important that i tell you the tale that we came up with. words cannot describe how easily this came to us. it just cascaded upon us from the heavens while we were watching the cartoon and now it's a whole big thing. i have no idea at what point in the one piece timeline this would take place, but we've kinda surmised that it almost could take place at any point as long as it's post-acquisition of robin and chopper because they're important in this.

the strawhat crew wash up on the shore of this really small, dingy island that reeks of old fish. it seems desolate, but soon they come upon this island's singular resident: a girl named cammie. the subject of the grand line is briefly mentioned, and she notes that an old friend of hers by the name of flapjack was looking to set sail for the grand line himself, in search not for the one piece, but for an island near the grand line called "candied island". his promise to her was that he would come back to visit her when he found candied island, but after several years--probably closer to a decade--he still hasn't yet come back. luffy asks where this flapjack fellow is from, and cammie points the crew in the direction of stormalong harbor, mentioning that men from stormalong come every so often to drop off sardines for her to eat which is how she met flapjack. 

so the strawhats show up on stormalong and realize that this place is Royally Fucked. they go to the candy barrel where peppermint larry expodumps at them:

stormalong harbor was originally built as a bastion for pirates who set sail for the grand line at the start of the great pirate era. eventually enough sailors just never bothered leaving that the harbor formed into a little town of its own almost to the point of it being a micronation. the world government got wind of this and sent a man by the name of lord nickelbottom to be its representative. 

stormalong has two BIG big exports: candy and sardines. one of the pirate crews who originally established it brought a shitload of sugar with them for the trip, and another crew were originally sardine fishermen before turning to piracy. thus, there are two places that everybody works at-- the cannery or the candy factory. peppermint larry is a direct descendent of one of the sugar-bearing pirates who founded the factory, thus prompting him to found the candy barrel.

k'nuckles has the wood-wood fruit. he was a war vet who lost his limbs in a skirmish and grew them back with the power of his devil fruit. once the candy embargo is established, k'nuckles REALLY hates this and shows up to nickelbottom's mansion to tear it down with his devil fruit power to make a statement, citing that "his house is made of wood like everybody else's, it's just really ornately decorated. i can take it down easy. the people of stormalong depend on candy, after all! i can't take this lying down!" 

k'nuckles never came back.

it is at this point in the story that flapjack sits down at the bar and forlornly asks if there's any candy in today. he and luffy have to fight for the last mint, which is obviously a no diff W for luffy. but it shows luffy the true nature of the dire straits these people are in, and it prompts him to help flap take nickelbottom down. 

bubby was killed by whalers hired by nickelbottom looking for blubber oil, so she's out of the picture. flap is left alone on a dying stormalong harbor with his only recourse being to be taken under the care of nickelbottom. there, he overhears a conversation that reveals the reality of bubby and k'nuckles' deaths, prompting him to run away back to the harbor. he gives up on his dreams of going to candied island, citing that if such a place even existed, then surely it must be already picked clean by nickelbottom.

in truth, what really happened that day was this: k'nuckles lays his hands on the mansion and activates his powers... and nothing happens. the house isn't made of wood. nickelbottom walks up behind him and tells him that it's all made of candy and will continue to be made of candy with his infinite home expansions he has planned thanks to the candy embargo funneling all the candy to him. during their duel, k'nuckles lets it slip to nickelbottom about the existence of candied island, thus giving him the idea to plunder it for his own.

after his duel with nickelbottom, flapjack sees a bunch of people worriedly murmuring in the town square on a particularly stormy day, like more stormy than normal for around there, hence the name. and he runs up and is like "it's the captain! he's back!" and larry's trying to avert his eyes but he pushes through the crowd and sees... lord nickelbottom holding k'nuckles' headless body by the back of his collar. he wanted to make an example of what happens when you try and take his candy, and for this insubordination he increases the tithe, entrenching the harbor deeper in destitution.

but wait! where did k'nuckles' head go?

the only place close to stormalong that has any sort of fertile soil would be nickelbottom's property, and the wood-wood fruit causes k'nuckles to be able to regrow himself a new body. the trees on the property awaken his fruit because he had never interacted with living wood before, just the dead planks that make up the harbor, so he grows into the roots and his new body flowers forth. 

at some point during the big final battle with nickelbottom, k'nuckles comes back with his new body to fight alongside flap, at which point the strawhats bow out of the fight. after all, it's not their fight to win.

a couple of side notes: 

sanji has a conversation with peppermint larry at some point where larry says that nickelbottom's men took "the most beautiful woman in stormalong", so sanji's obviously super motivated to get this show on the road when it comes to taking nicklebottom down. eventually he does find out that larry was referring to candy wife and he gets really comically disappointed lmao

also doctor barber works for the world government to keep these people sickly and gross so that they're not strong enough to rise up and fight back. chopper sees all these ill and injured and dying people who have all had some form of "emergency surgery" and is like "is there no competent health care around here???" and his question is. swiftly answered. :|

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