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mini tutorial: adding & resizing images on your profile

Adding images to your profile, blog, and bulletins is extremely simple once you have the html codes to do so. Auto-embedding codes from various library websites (like giphy, etc) can be a total pain in the ass, using iframes and whatever else to force traffic to themselves and turn basic gifs and pictures into annoying interactive widgets instead of just showing you what you're trying to see.

Here is the basic html code to add any image or gif to your profile - this is the same code for bulletins as well as blog posts, but spacehey doesn’t support adding images to comments at the time of this posting.

<img src=URL>

To get the URL of an image, you need to find the image that you want to embed onto your own page, and right-click, then click ‘Copy Image Address’ (shown below)

Paste the URL from your clipboard into the above HTML code where it says ‘URL. Your URL should end with an image file type, such as .jpeg, .png, or .gif, in order to work properly.

You can add some details to the image embed code to adjust the end result to better suit your needs. The below code lets you change the dimensions of the image, by replacing the ‘0’s with a number in pixels. You can adjust both the height and width of an image if you so choose, but if you only really want to adjust, say, the width of the image without it becoming skewed or stretched, you can simply remove the ‘height=0’ from the code altogether. When you adjust the width, the height will automatically adjust to maintain the original ratio of the image.

<img src=URL height=0 width=0>

For example, if you want to insert a gif on your page, and the URL links to a gif that is 200 pixels wide, and 100 pixels tall, but you only want the gif to be 100 pixels wide, you could use the following code to make the gif 100 pixels wide, and 50 pixels tall - as the height will automatically adjust when you don’t change it manually.

<img src=URL width=100>

Additionally, you can make your images into links, by using the code below. Just change ‘LINK’ to the url that you want the image to lead to. Make sure your url starts with ‘http://’!

<a href=LINK><img src=URL height=0 width=0></a>

Please leave a comment or kudos if you found this helpful! Leave a comment if you have any questions!

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୨ ⊹ ࣪𝐏ᴀʀᴜ 🕸️ !

୨ ⊹ ࣪𝐏ᴀʀᴜ 🕸️ !'s profile picture

Is there a way to add pictures that will stay in a certain position on your prf regardless of whether or not you scroll? Like,, its locked in place and doesn't follow your screen?

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this should help! (just replace the image url in the code for your own image url)

by sarah ♡; ; Report


☆dakota☆'s profile picture

omg thank you!! i had so many images i wanted on my profile but i had no idea how tysm!!!!

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care_bear_kaylee!!!'s profile picture

Hi! I'm trying to add a gif for the button images on the contact me area, but I am unable to size them down. I was using CSS, but should I be using HTML? I am a little confused on where to put the code from your tutorial. (:

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hey! for the icons in the contact box, you're going to want to start with the already sized-down image (16 x 16 is the recommended size). if you don't have a program on your computer to do so, i recommend!

by sarah ♡; ; Report

Thank you so much! I appreciate it! Have a wonderful day (:

by care_bear_kaylee!!!; ; Report


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do you know how to add images that follow as you scroll down? ^^

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yes! i have a blog entry here for fixed images (with some pre-made ones!)

by sarah ♡; ; Report