i'm proud of myself

not a very big fan of unscrewing and fixing electronic devices like i Can do it pretty well and could probably learn more abt it. but just not a big fan it's a bit annoying. but man i just fixed my vertical mouse that i almost gave up on because the scroll wheel started jumping around and i thought it might be too hard for me but its ok now!! its working and i got out a very very solid dust bunny out of it. yeah.

anyway it turned out im just a bit silly and not very good at finding obvious places for hidden screws. they were under the non slip stickers on the bottom so now i don't have those but it's ok i don't think they actually helped anything??

anyway i gotta get myself a mousepad because the cursed boob rei evangelion that we had as a joke (its like. from a convention 1000 years ago) started um. deteriorating. the gel from the wrist rest started seeping into everything and it's very sticky. so i've been resorting to putting paper sheets under my mouse instead hdgdsg

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