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stupid lame ramble

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sooo i told my therapist i was gonna start a blog then i never did cuz i used to post poetry n stuff to here and tbh i really didnt wanna make a dreamwidth account (I HATE IT OVER THERE) but i kinda got over the 'level of depressed where im posting poetry about wanting to kill my now-ex boyfriend' era so you guys got me now. so sorry xO 

anyway uhh i totally had a plan going into this but now i dont. i'm going to bed soon, it literally just hit 11pm and i think my chamomile tea is starting 2 work. its so warm tonight and i dont know why, im pretty sure it's like... the transition period between spring n summer despite it being april and it hates me. for the first time in forever im wearing a shirt and shorts. a joy division shirt and black shorts, but hey, take what you can get from me xP 

okaaay gnight spacehey love u all xoxo kisses hugs

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