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Freddy ask the Guys.

Dear all beloved readers,

It a strange day for Freddy.

One day he woke up, everything Became before him.

And a lot of Chart, Symbol, Lines connect the Everything.

Only for a Second, then Vanish forever;Β 

He go talk to Foxy, who is a friend of Freddy.

"Foxy Freddy Friend.", A type of Motto Freddy can often think.

Foxy I tell You a lot I see Image I say to Foxy

Foxy tell me Not to Worry a Bit about the Strange Image.

A long Time before, Foxy and Freddy in the Kitchen.

This an Old story.

There was Nightguard, but he Fall asleep and Doors open

When I walk to him, and see him, I wonder if He too have dream just Like freddy

So to be a Young Robot, or Person, and reaching for the Dream,

it was Something Freddy thought

Foxy and Freddy walk to the Night guard, and notice Can't be Robot, Its person (That annoy Freddy)

Freddy knew inside Person there was Skeleton, which was Horrible

But then remember Also have Skeleton, which was Okay,

So now Night guard and Freddy are like.

But it doesn't Matter; Fog take over the Decider calls a Name and There we Are

The Perfect ending which Bring joy to the Mechanism

Now, Foxy and Freddy also in the Kitchen.

I Scared of the Image I saw, but it All too late, Something Shine in the Air in the Kitchen

Say to Foxy: You see it? The ball of Light

And Foxy say: No

And Freddy see the Idea and Freddy see the Making and Freddy see the Decider, who laughs

The Bear Never Laughs but couldn't Stop laughing now

Lots of love and thank you for reading,

Fraxy Fredxbear PHd in Scary STudies

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wHat is freddy talkIng about?

god bye

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Dr Freddy Faxbear Ph.D in Arrangement



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Th1z 1z s0 r3AL Fr3DDY fAzB3AR

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Freddy often wondring if the peoples of this world are Cognizant

Thank you for reading,
Dr Freddy Faxbear PhD in