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before you interact!

 ⭒i might make posts that are nsfw every now and then, but these will be tagged accordingly! still, if ur uncomfy with that kinda stuff please take caution while u look thru my bulletins⭒

⭒if im ever kinshifted, the emoji in my name will be different that the one i currently have most of the time (for this layout its a slot machine), so far the only emoji i have for this is an explosion emoji (this one > 💥) for the noise⭒

⭒sometimes i can go from really talkative to not saying anything for a long while, so if i abruptly stop responding to you please don't take it the wrong way! you didn't do anything wrong, i promise⭒

⭒i am an omniest, meaning that i respect all religions and believe that their gods exist in some form -- though i don't preform any religious activities myself nor am i interested in doing so. if you're not okay with that for whatever reason then the block button is right there⭒

⭒if i ever say something wrong and im unaware, PLEASE TELL ME. dont just vaguely hint at it or say shit like "you know what you did." becuz 99% of the time i will not know at all!!!!!! i am a dumbass!!!!!!⭒

⭒if you wanna try and roleplay with me for whatever reason, please at least try to plot it out. don't just slide into my ims with "hey there *hugs you and nuzzles your neck*" or some shit like that, there's a good chance i won't respond to you if you do that (unless its a joke)⭒

⭒sometimes i use the words "yaoi" and "yuri", but these are almost always in a joking content i dont want any ACTUAL fujoshis or fudanshis following me on here. okay?⭒

this may update every now and then, but if it does i'll be sure to say something beforehand

Animated Rainbow Nyan Cat

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