oh hi

HELLO GUYS sorry i know i know its been a hard loooong while lol

 like dude, ive joined a new school, and ppl been thinkin im a cis man there???? goes hard asf but i kinda miss being like VERY trans i miss using girl clothes and i miss being girly kinda... but not rlly, i think the thing i miss the most is being like out as trans bc then i didnt have to pretend to be dumb as shit...  u.u

also,, been v v v nostalgic today, idk what it is abt the cold weather but i think they put emo hormones n the water cuz like EVERY YEAR IN THE SAME TIME PERIOD i get like suuuuuper duper nostalgic and like feel like i HAVE to back to 2006. its insane XD. 

like every fucking time dude, i feel this U R G E to go back in time and listen to vocaloid, fnaf songs, play fnaf, listen to soad and mcr and nirvana and botdf and ptv and sws and omg bro it feels soooo good Xpppp

 Also, there are these cool second year guys at school who i REAALLY wanna be frenz with but like im so scared of them bc they look so cool... and theres also this guy who like sometimes talks to them and he looks straight out of a black metal album cover and im scared he'll call me a poser if i breathe next to him lol, hes the main reason i dont go NEAR them bc like im scared he will like spit at me and blast old star at me ... 

anyways been feelin good, got some new friends, and made some trouble already, as per usual. nothing big or mention worthy tho, so thats it for 2day.. also sorry for the delay in posting, i didnt have any time to do anything these last months, but its been fun. Its good to be back too, missed being a scene queen lmfao  B)  buh byeeeeee

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