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A Banshee has embraced me, made me the way I am today.
Even if I have heard her scream every passing day, i can never respond back.
I don't think she wants me to respond, i don't think my voice could ever reply. Her expectations are a crawling pain in my throat, i know she tried to make me fight back.
Her piercing screams have been a lullaby to me, now I'm deaf to the danger, since I been raised in the middle of a cry.
She's glad i can call her name softly, she has guided me through the haunted forest, holding my hand, protecting me from the dark.
But she also has made my ears bleed, made my soul fall in a desperation, blaming me of sins i never commit.
I will stay by her side until I'm out of this woods, until my silence can carry a message.
Then, maybe, one day, we will acknowledge and forgive each other for our mistakes

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