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hey everyone! it's a little late where i am but i'm sitting on my laptop like a dweeb and editing my party island on pony town.

so far it's coming along well! but i'm kind of running out of ideas for places around the island. i have some fun little shops, so maybe i should make another? who knows.

i've also been contemplating making another "meet the artist" thing? i did one last year that is pretty outdated... so i might re do it! it would take a while though. i guess i just need to see how much time i have this month to do some thing like that. hahaha.

i just got back from a trip my dad and i took together and in 3 days i'll be off to texas! so i've been doing a bit of traveling this week. i can't wait to rest after all of this is over. as much fun as it is, it can be pretty exhausting. maybe i'll wait to do any kind of finished art piece until after all of that is done with.

as i write this i am on my third instant ramen cup and i think it's time to log off. guess i'll see you all soon! bye for now.

- eb.

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