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The time I got heat exhaustion at SIx Flags (Over Georgia)

So one time I went to Six Flags Over Georgia with my family, we go there very often, we go every weekend. The weather that day was in the high 70's and low 80's, so we had shorts and tank tops on. We went on the Thunder River to cool off and then went to Pandemonium. I have to admit that I'm  not too fond of Pandemonium, the ride itself is fine but- the line is always long. The ride is also not that reliable..not enough for me to be happy waiting in line. I was not happy about having to wait in a 2-1 hour long line in the scoring heat. About an hour in, I started to sweat excessively which was not alarming due to the hot weather. My head also started to hurt so I sat down on the bars.

 Another 20 minutes go by and we're the next ones to get on the ride. My stomach started to stir and I had the urge to throw up. And the hot weather mixed with my headache did not help. I started to groan and my mother noticed. I used this moment to ask her if we could leave the queue and she agreed. A short moment later the ride stops and a group of girls get off the ride. They are all covered in throw-up from chest to toe. The operator then announced the ride was temporarily closed for cleaning. So my family agreed to leave the queue and go to a more shaded spot. We went to the eating area next to Pandemonium and we sat there for a few moments. My mom then decided it was best for me to drink some cool water and eat some food. So we went to Hickory Chip and got a turkey leg and some fries with a cup of water. After eating in the shaded spot and drinking some water, I felt much better.

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