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I hope all of you know where that is from, go watch the Jim Carrey Grinch if not.

I haven't made a blog in a while so I thought I would talk about stuff I hate. Im not sure how to go about this but ill start from the top.

People who don't practice good hygiene, over-sexualization, people who go out of their way to get you to like something they like, overly loud and obnoxious people, making something your entire identity, stubbing your toe when you are in a bad mood, Pick me girls obviously, people who think having a mental disorder is quirky, people who don't have any opinions or anything interesting to say so they just say what someone else said, people who are wrong but stubborn, Alphas, people who blurt out random stuff just to be funny, people who have a "tik tok" personality, compliment fishing, your average Catholic, Narcasitsts, saying that your an ally when you clearly are not, disrupting people who are just doing their job.

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