omg my updates on dis site r soo sporadic XD ive really just been doing the same thing every week which is just working n smoking weed offline w my friends so i rlly havent had much 2 say. Ive once again reset my dekstop cuz it was running SO SLOW =_= honestly if this happens again imma have 2 finally push myself or find someone who knows SOMETHING about PCs cuz its getting ridiculous... OH YEAH! no clue if i ever mentioned it here but I finally discovered my actual time of birth so now my astrology chart is correct, im a ♐☉♎️☽♏↑ if u know how 2 read it XD

ive been enjoying roblox more FINALLY. and ive made an ever skies acc! if u also play ever skies lmk so we can add each other :D

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