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My shitty health

If you read the other entry you know I have Lymes disease.

It is such a shitty fucking disease, especially if you are like me and didn't present with the rash or whatever it is, bc if you don't present with it or any of the other most popular symptoms right away then you're fucked. And since you don't, you will slowly just start to get sicker and sicker, you'll feel worse and worse and no doctor will listen to you and say you're looking for attention.

Anyway, Lymes also comes with a lot of co-infections, yipppyyy!!

And I have to get tested for all of them. And so far I have been positive for basically all of the co-infections, and now every time I have to go get my blood draw for yet another test im just dreading the results, It's horrible, and the doctors in my country don't recognize chronic Lymes so you won't get treatment which is just great.

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