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Intro Post

I figured I'd make one of these just because my about me sections is just kind of a place for me to dump random shit, lol.

First and foremost, my Carrd, if you're interested. This is where all links to my other socials are.

<<My Neocities Website! This is where I've put all the blinkies, stamps, and other profile graphics I've made! (Check the Junk page)

<<My BitView

<<My PonyTown

So, yeah, I'm 28. I am preferably looking for friends around my age, (i e. Above 18) but, I don't really mind if you're younger as long as you understand that I will not IM, DM, or private chat with you if you are under 18.

I'm also not comfortable accepting friend requests from anyone under 15. Sorry.

I also try to only send friend requests to people 17 and older, if your age wasn't listed but I sent you a frq then that probably means I liked your vibe and took a chance. If you're younger and not comfortable with that then just don't accept it, no hard feelings.

I'm asexual, panromanitc, and possibly transmasc. I use he/them pronouns and prefer the name Orion (though that could potentially change in the future.)

My DNI (besides the obvious) is if you consider yourself a "Proshipper" or any variation of it, a "MAP," "Zoo," or any other flavor of "Radqueer" or "Paraphile," "prolife," "anti-vax," or an "autism parent"/use the puzzle piece/support auti$m $peaks.

What else can I put here...


Main Fandoms

  • Splatoon
  • Welcome Home
  • Homestar Runner

Side Fandoms

  • The Amazing Digital Circus
  • The Walten Files
  • Pokemon
  • FNaF
  • Undertale/Deltarune
  • Gregory Horror Show
  • Cuphead
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Animal Crossing
  • American Dad
  • South Park
  • The Simpsons
  • Bob's Burgers
  • King of the Hill
  • Trailer Park Boys
  • Vinesauce
  • Game Grumps
  • Jerma
  • Stranger Things

Fandoms I Used To Be Part Of But Don't Really Engage With Anymore (I'm totally cool with these fandoms, by the way, I'm just not as involved with them as I used to be.)

  • Friday Night Funkin'
  • Spooky Month
  • MLP
  • Steven Universe
  • Homestuck (Please don't talk to me about Homestuck, though...)

Uh, that's pretty much it!

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