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Low-tech ghost hunting / ghost hunting for cheap!! :D

Hello!! I made a poster with tools you can use for ghost hunting that won't empty out your bank account :D

I was looking for some resources and I couldn't really find anything so I made my own list! I hope this helps someone :)

(if it's too low quality to read i can link a higher quality version in the comments)

Uses of herbs are already listed on the poster.

EDIT:: i forgot to say, but white sage should never be used as it is an endangered species. pineapple sage is a great alternative that has worked perfectly for me so far :)

I couldn't fit all the tools AND the uses on the poster tho, so here ya go!! :D


Older spirits or energies may be more willing to communicate when they see a candle instead of a flashlight (candles are typically more familiar and comforting). They also can be used as a method of communication, i.e. "If there is anything or anyone here with me, can you please make this candle flicker? Are you trapped? Flicker the flame if yes, make the flame go low if no." Also useful as a backup light for when the spirits steal all the power from the flashlight or if you forgot the extra batteries at home.


Typically seen as Portals. Two mirrors facing each other can create a Vortex. May be used as an invitation to spirits of all kinds, so use wisely and carefully. May also be used to scry, or to create a psychomanteum in a pinch. 


This one is kinda just common sense, you need to see where you're going and what's happening all around you. 


Commonly used as a form of communication, i.e. "If there is something or someone here with me, can you please (make these two dowsing rods cross /or/ make this pendulum swing towards you)?"  Can also be made at home for cheap or out of found materials. (If made with found materials, cleanse the materials first so they don't attract any negative energy.) 


Typically used to detect magnetic fields and to see changes as they happen. If the needle varies from North or shakes in place, you likely have detected a change in the magnetic field. Pretty much a low tech version of an EMF reader. May also be used to communicate, i.e. "can you make this compass point where you are?" You can even use it for yes and no Q&As if need be.


Before all the newer ghost tech, bells and windchimes were used as ways for ghost to make a louder noise more easily. If you have a choice, I personally think bells are more useful. They are harder to debunk if a noise is made, simply because of the way the bell sits on a surface. They are  way less likely to be affected by a draft of some kind. Usually used as communication just like how knocks are used nowadays. 


Yeah, yeah. I know. But they're pretty useful! Fairly easy to disprove though, so take the results with a grain of salt. Stand them up on their edge and ask the spirits or energies to tip it over one way or the other. Very useful for yes or no answers. Very versatile, so just get creative.

I really hope this list helps someone! If anyone has any other information that could be added to the details or list, just mention it in the comments. I'd be happy to add it to the list :D

Thanks for reading!! 

also just remember: Always go ghost hunting with a buddy, and always practice common sense when ghost hunting!! 

oh and always say goodbye to your ouija board :D (/j just never use a ouija board, pretty much always a bad idea)


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hey idk if you know or not but non natives shouldn't use sage its closed to our practice and the specific species of sage is endangered.

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i could be wrong, but a fair amount of practices use sage for a wide variety of reasons. personally, i use pineapple sage in my practice (witchcraft) and i know many other people who do. i'll add that white sage should not be used as it is endangered, and include pineapple sage as an alternative. i hope that works :D

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Pretty sure this only applies to white sage specifically, and other types of sage are free reign, could be wrong tho

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this link should work if you'd like a higher res version of the poster :D

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