The silly cat wants to be your friend!!!(MEEE)

You look into the cat's eyes and it wistfully meows, "Please become a cat pfp."
The expression on your face twists from awe to confusion.

"How are you able to speak to me?" You ask the little cat.

It twitched its ears at the question, but then replies with a purr, "Jadeez needs more friends.

You laugh, this silly cat really believed you would know who Jadeez is?
But as if it read your mind, the cat replies again, "She wants more friends."

The cat looks up at your menacing posture. It seems timid to even ask you the question. Though it doesn't skedaddle away like the other small kittens its size. Instead, it glares at you with a pitiful look, somehow causing you to agree. 

"Okay, little kitten. I will be Jadeez's friend." You finally agree, causing the cat to jump up and down.

"Thank you so much, human!" It addresses you before scurrying away toward the alleyway.

You try to stop it but the tiny cat is too small for you to grasp. Soon the black blob of fluffiness enters the shadows. In the midst of the sunset, you decide not to go looking for it. After all, it looked pretty well groomed, and the cat even had a little collar around its neck that jingled every time it took a step. It probably was an outdoor cat. At least you knew that it wasn't in danger. Maybe it had a family to get back to, or an owner that enjoys its company to see. Though with your thoughts racing you can't seem to understand how it spoke to you, or who Jadeez was. 

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MiCKY !! ♡ ⋆。˚

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youre so real for saying this

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