jesus is my best friend

hey wow look another poem. for context this is inspired by the girl character in my previous poem, roadkill angel, as well as a funny and strangely poetic text my friend sent me last night (sam i know you can't read this but im talking about you). anyway yeah this isnt based on me at all lol i just wanted to make that clear. ok cool bye

jesus is my best friend

i never feel alone in any room 

because i know he's right next to me

bleeding out onto the floor

i don't feel so sad when the girls at school look at me from the corners of their eyes

they just don't understand what it's like to have a best friend who you can really count on

one who's always there for you

whether it be kneeling at the altar

having the communion wafer placed on my tongue

or when i'm in room at night

ripping at my hair and screaming into my pillow

he's right there with me

filling the cup with wine from the gash in his side

or sitting at the foot of my bed folding my sheets

me and jesus are such good friends because we have so much in common i think

we both are misunderstood

and have fathers who display their love in funny ways

i try and think of that when the leather of the belt collides with the skin of my back

that god sacrificed his only son

nailed him against the rough wood of the cross

and that was his way of showing his affection 

so it makes me feel better

that i can sort of understand what it's like to be crucified

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Kat this is like super pretty but I can't stop laughing because I know what message ur talking about it is seriously amazing tho <3

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lol I knew you'd get it and ty !!! i love hearing from u on my writing 💝

by katherine ˖ ࣪⭑; ; Report

milica <3

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dang this triggered something in me idk what feeling it is
fear? anxiety? idk
but it's so good so keep writin

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omg thank you so much !! im glad it made you feel something <3

by katherine ˖ ࣪⭑; ; Report