I've only been here for about...4 DAYS. FOUR DAYS PEOPLE! WHY DO I HAVE ALMOST 200 FRIENDS AND 600 PROFILE VIEWS.. :_).I love you guys. I LOVE YALL SOO MUCHH! But theres a small problem people- i wont be active after April 19th this year :( You all dont know but im using my school computer to be here rn- and i dont have a phone. :( I dont have one because i broke my last one, my ipad is broken, and my BF (biological father) took away my phone for a year because i hadn't messaged him back. :/ I'll probably get a phone on my birthday though! which is like 5 days after that, i don't know if i will though so dont get your hopes too high.. daddy will be back soon/p >:))!! But other than that.. thank you for all of my new friends.<3 Please IM me.. i hate being alone lol- ✨separation anxiety ✨. mwa luv you guyz<3/p

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