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Though my school is pretty well off financially, it still sucks! My friend got suspended for potentially "Smacking someone's buttox". But this allegation is false, first of all, he's gay. So why would he even want to "Smack someone's buttox" to begin with? And second of all that's his ex!?!?!?!?!?!? HIS EX!??!?!?!??? And they didn't even believe him when he said that he didn't do it. Instead, they gave him an in-school suspension!!!!! Then lastly, they didn't even let him defend himself. What hypocritical-idiotic wormssssss. I HOPE THIS SCHOOL BURNS TO THE GROUND!!!!111!!!11111!!!1 THEY'RE SO GULLIBLEEEEE. But not to leave out that they have way too much security. I mean we can't even go outside. With this, they even said once, "Students cannot bring backpacks to football games, because one kid brought drugs." IT WAS ONCE CHILLLLL. They're judging the whole school by one kid. THOSE FRICKING FRACKEERRRR CRACKEKRRREREERERERERERR!!!!!111!!1

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Yea. I a.m still upset about this. Even though they claim our school is a ¨safe enviroment¨ its rlly not. And here is why; Theres bullying, harassment, drugs , fights , accusations , racism and alot more. And some teachers are cool but some are absolutely horrible. The vice principal only gives HER room to speak. Its so stupid

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currently in iss its so fun lolololololololol

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