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mornings(fucking hell)

I love my silent mornings like i thought it was a universal thing to like mutually agree to not speak until u have fully accepted the fact that it's another fucking day. like I am not ready to speak to anyone till like 4 or more hours after being awake. like yea if ppl talk to me ill give em like a nod or an "mhm" or yk like WHT DO U WANT ME TO SAY i do not have the energy to get more than 2 words out of me. Sometimes I will speak in the mornings depending on how I'm feeling but if I'm running on less than like 4 hours of sleep I AM NOT SPEAKING. My angry morning mood. I really try to like be in a good mood but that just is not ME. idk man i just don't got anymore motivation these days tbh KUDOS IF U AGREE

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i live in dorms, so people try to talk to me in the mornings a lot and i must look like such an asshole but i am just. not having it. do i look like i want to talk. stay away from meeeee

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